Ma ka hana ka 'ike . . . In working one learns

Educational Philosophy

I believe that every child has a right to a free and appropriate public education.

I believe that every child wants to learn.

I believe that it is my responsibility as a teacher to help every child learn - No Child Left Behind

I believe that it is my responsibility to help every child develop an unshakeable belief in him or herself. I am committed to help every child who passes through my classroom leave at the end of the year having learned skills and knowledge that allow them to genuinely believe, "I can."

I believe that Hawaii is a unique and special place, and that each of us who choose to call these islands home has a responsibility to learn, understand, and respect its history and culture.

I am committed to sustaining hope in my classroom and school community.

He lei poina ‘ole ke keiki.   A lei never forgotten is the beloved child.