Ma ka hana ka 'ike . . . In working one learns

E-Portfolio Description

The OTEC Master’s Culminating Portfolio is a digital portfolio that each student must develop as part of their final project. The site may be made available to future students and should be created in a way that it can be shared with others. It should be professional, free from typographical errors, visually appealing, and easy to navigate, showing the skills you have learned in the program.
There is no template or prescribed structure although you are responsible for making sure that each section is easy to find. Most students use a navigation structure or table of contents pointing to the required sections. Any document you include should be readable with standard software. Using graphic formats (jpg or gif) and PDF are excellent ways to include artifacts.

Personal Section
The Personal section of the portfolio consists of the following (draft and final):
1. A current resume or professional vita,
2. A short description of your educational philosophy and goals, and
3. A personal reflection on your experience and growth during the program.

Illustrative Work Section
In the Work section of the portfolio, you will link a minimum of four (4) artifacts (project
examples) created during your involvement in the program. You should have at least one
assignment in your draft portfolio representing your best work in your first year. For each
product, you will also have to create a short reflection piece that:
1. Describes how technology and teaching strategies were utilized,
2. Connects the product to appropriate standards (AECT) and the literature,
3. Explains how the product was conceived, and
4. Describes how feedback received from peers and faculty was integrated into the final
development of the product.
You will need to have feedback from one faculty member and two peers for each artifact.

The Research Section
The research section of the portfolio will eventually contain the following components:
1. A copy of your culminating paper (PDF preferred).
2. Copies of any modules or other electronic materials developed for your project.