Ma ka hana ka 'ike . . . In working one learns


What an incredible ride. Words can't begin to express my gratitude for what I have gained from the OTEC program. In this portfolio, I hope you will gain a sense of my journey. I share with you as your student, and with my friends and colleagues.  There are VoiceThreads where you can contribute your thoughts, memories, stories, and multimedia, please do!

  • About me - My educational Philosophy and Goals, Curriculum Vita, Reflections 
  • Illustrative Works - Work that illustrates my growth . . . from the beginning
  • Research - The final project - from the idea (paper), literature review, the module, the final paper, and the presentation  - and all the collaboration in between
  • What's next?  Feel free to leave a thought, share a story, an idea, a multimedia piece, a commemoration


He hi'i alo ua milmili 'ia i ke alo, ua  ha'awe 'ia ma ke kua, ua lei 'ia ma ka 'a'i. 
A beloved one, fondled in the arms, carried on the back, whose arms have gone about the neck as a lei. 
Said of a beloved child. 
I dedicate my work in celebration of your life and spirit, e Nahalaimalama.